Notice of new book: “Nanotechnology for Animal Health and Production” (Editor: Sudhi Ranjan Garg), International ISBN: 9789351302872 published by Astral International (P) Ltd., 81, Darya Ganj, Near Hindi Park, Delhi Medical Association Road, New Delhi - 110 002. About the Book “The integration of nanotechnology with biotechnology has led to great opportunities and revolutionizing technologies in biology and medicine. Targeted delivery of therapeutic agents, vaccine developments, imaging and novel diagnostic procedures have attracted prime attention of the scientists, who have been able to develop effective and validated nanoparticles and marketable products for human medicine. These developments are expeditiously extending to veterinary medicine because of the similar guiding principles and close linkages between the two disciplines of medicine. Nanotechnology thus has a great potential to revolutionize veterinary medicine, animal production systems and food security. It is important that these emerging technologies form a part of the curriculum of veterinary sciences, particularly in the context of One Health initiatives. This book presents an understanding of the concept, current status and future potential of nanotechnology in veterinary and animal sciences.” Provided by: Prof Sudhi Ranjan Garg Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Sciences, LLR University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, HISAR-125004  (Haryana), India Email: Alternate Email: Cellphone: +91-9896121131 Phone:  +91-1662-285087 (Residence)