A multidisciplinary (“One Health”) proposal still worth considering... Parasites & Vectors Journal – Open Access Toward the formation of a Companion Animal Parasite Council for the Tropics (CAPCT) – May 2015 “Towards a solution We propose formation of the Companion Animal Parasites Council for the Tropics (CAPCT). The CAPCT will consist of regional (e.g. Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa) experts comprising academic veterinarians, parasitologists, physicians and allied industry partners that will work together to inform, guide and make best-practice recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment and control of companion animal parasites in the tropics, with the aim of protecting animal and human health. The organization will seek input through close collaboration with the practicing veterinarians, medical and public health professions, regional government and non-for-profit bodies. In addition to biannual meetings, the Council will organize veterinary and public outreach events in each region to facilitate transfer of knowledge through local lectures, workshops, symposia within local conferences and webinars to primary stakeholders such as veterinarians and breeders. General and region-specific recommendations for the treatment and control of companion animal parasites will be developed and made available through a dedicated, freely accessible website.”   Note:  Corresponding co-author, Dr. Filipe Dantas-Torres [MV, MSc, DSc, PhD, FRES, Dipl EVPC], is a longstanding One Health supporter   For a more broad spectrum ‘One Health’ and parasitology consideration, August 2009, see: