European Parliament passes law restricting antibiotics in livestock “...(41) Antimicrobial resistance to medicinal products for human use and veterinary medicinal products is a growing health problem in the Union and worldwide. Due to the complexity of the problem, its cross-border dimension and the high economic burden, its impact goes beyond its severe consequences for human and animal health and has become a global public health concern that affects the whole of society and requires urgent and coordinated intersectoral action in accordance with the One Health approach. Such action includes strengthening of the prudent use of antimicrobials, avoiding their routine prophylactic and metaphylactic use, actions to restrict the use in animals of antimicrobials that are of critical importance for preventing or treating life-threatening infections in humans and encouraging and incentivising the development of new antimicrobials. It also needs to be ensured that appropriate warnings and guidance are included on the labels of veterinary antimicrobials. Use that is not covered by the terms of the marketing authorisation of certain new or critically important antimicrobials for humans should be restricted in the veterinary sector. The rules for advertising veterinary antimicrobials should be tightened, and the authorisation requirements should sufficiently address the risks and benefits of antimicrobial veterinary medicinal products.  ...” AMP8_AMA(2016)0046(324-324)_EN.docx 21/470 PE579.757v01-00 SEE: