The World Bank One Health Project Paper—National Human and Animal Health Systems Assessment Tools and Bridges Project Assessment tools and bridges completed, paving the way to reduction of global health risks June 17, 2014 “Thanks to contributions from the European Commission and nine other donors, the Avian and Human Influenza Facility (AHIF) financed a transformational project that is key to development and health security.  The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) worked closely together, with support from AHIF, to develop and refine their tools for assessing human and veterinary public health systems and to develop an accompanying joint WHO-OIE guide (link to the Project Paper).  This project, the last financed by AHIF, was successfully completed on schedule this year.  The international community now has critically-needed assessment tools that work across the human and animal health sectors.  … …On behalf of the World Bank, Juergen Voegele (Director, Agriculture) and Timothy Grant Evans (Director, Health) welcomed the completion of the joint OIE-WHO project.  They emphasized use of One Health approaches, promptly sharing information and jointly analyzing risks and response effectiveness.  The tools for assessments of the veterinary and human public health systems and the bridges between them are clearly needed to guide improvement in capacities of public health systems to prevent and control diseases, including those that can become pandemics.  The tools will enable smooth implementation of One Health approaches, consistent standards across countries, and badly-needed investments in essential public health capacity. …” Please see:   Provided by: Olga B. Jonas Economic Adviser  +1 (202) 473-4655  +1 (202) 469-2727