Two Valuable One Health articles RE: Bartonella henselae Zoonosis published in Parasites & Vectors online Journal April 15, 2013.  Please see links for reading below:    Bartonella henselae bacteremia in a mother and son potentially associated with tick exposure Maggi RG, Ericson M, Mascarelli PE, Bradley JM, Breitschwerdt EB Parasites & Vectors 2013, 6:101 (15 April 2013)[Abstract] [Provisional PDF] [PubMed]      Bartonella henselae infection in a family experiencing neurological and neurocognitive abnormalities after woodlouse hunter spider bites Mascarelli PE, Maggi RG, Hopkins S, Mozayeni BR, L.Trull C, Bradley JM, Hegarty BC, Breitschwerdt EB Parasites & Vectors 2013, 6:98 (15 April 2013)[Abstract] [Provisional PDF] [PubMed]