Helping the homeless by helping their pets “Persons experiencing homelessness and their pets both need medical care, yet many homeless persons with pets face barriers to accessing preventive medical services. These companion animals are often providing important psychosocial and/or physical support for their owners, and the strength of their bond with their pet often means owners are more motivated to seek care for their animals than for themselves. We seek to implement an innovative model for a pilot “One Health” clinic where the homeless of Seattle could seek care for both themselves as well as their pets. ...” SEE complete information Provided by: Peter Rabinowitz, MD, MPH, Professor: UW Depts. of Environmental/Occupational Health Sciences, Family Medicine, Global Health. Adjunct Professor: Depts. of Medicine, (Division of Allergy and Infectious Disease), Epidemiology. Director, UW Center for One Health Research (COHR)