Ultrasound Discovery of the 20th Century – Unheralded as One Health Example    [1982 Press Release]   John J. Wild, MD (physician) and William Reid, PhD (Electrical Engineer): working as an interdisciplinary team, Drs. Wild and Reid discovered and built the ultrasound instrument used commonly today to diagnose cancer in humans [and animals].   Dr. Wild died September 18, 2009 according to a New York Times (USA) obituary today, October 7, 2009:   _________________________________   Today - a similar 21st Century One Health Model The One Health Initiative website has previously reported Orthopedic Surgeons (a veterinarian and physician) Research Creative Hip and Knee Replacements for Dogs and Humans Together - Wednesday, June 03, 2009:  “Veterinarian James Jimi Cook, DVM, PhD, a University of Missouri- Columbia college of veterinary medicine professor of orthopedic surgery and physician B. Sonny Bal, MD, JD, MBA, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery college of medicine have collaborated for over seven years on efforts to create hip and knee replacements without using commonplace biomechanical metal and plastic materials.  The technique being developed by Dr. Cook for dogs initially, involves use of laboratory grown tissue (cartilage) that can be molded into replicas of joints that require replacement.  Drs. Bal and Cook are concomitantly developing a process whereby a similar process can be adapted for humans.”