“ONE HEALTH in Action”!         ---ProMED-Mail---   Early on, editor Dr. Larry Madoff, several of the associate editors and other participants of ProMED-mail (see listed below) expressed strong support for the One Health concept to the One Health team founders of the One Health Intiative website.  Their important global action contributions have been and are a significant example of “One Health”!    “ProMED-mail - the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases - is an Internet-based reporting system dedicated to rapid global dissemination of information on outbreaks of infectious diseases and acute exposures to toxins that affect human health, including those in animals and in plants grown for food or animal feed. Electronic communications enable ProMED-mail to provide up-to-date and reliable news about threats to human, animal, and food plant health around the world, seven days a week. By providing early warning of outbreaks of emerging and re-emerging diseases, public health precautions at all levels can be taken in a timely manner to prevent epidemic transmission and to save lives. ProMED-mail is open to all sources and free of political constraints. Sources of information include media reports, official reports, online summaries, local observers, and others. Reports are often contributed by ProMED-mail subscribers. A team of expert human, plant, and animal disease moderators screen, review, and investigate reports before posting to the network. Reports are distributed by email to direct subscribers and posted immediately on the ProMED-mail web site. ProMED-mail currently reaches over 40,000 subscribers in at least 185 countries. A central purpose of ProMED-mail is to promote communication amongst the international infectious disease community, including scientists, physicians, epidemiologists, public health professionals, and others interested in infectious diseases on a global scale. ProMED-mail encourages subscribers to participate in discussions on infectious disease concerns, to respond to requests for information, and to collaborate together in outbreak investigations and prevention efforts. ProMED-mail also welcomes the participation of interested persons outside of the health and biomedical professions. ProMED-mail was established in 1994 with the support of the Federation of American Scientists and SatelLife. Since October 1999, ProMED-mail has operated as an official program of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, a nonprofit professional organization with 20,000 members worldwide. ProMED-mail is also available in Portuguese, ProMED-PORT, and in Spanish, ProMED-ESP. Both of these lists cover disease news and topics relevant to Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, respectively. ProMED-RUS offers Russian-language reports relevant to the independent states of the former Soviet Union. PRO/MBDS offers reports in English on countries in Southeast Asia bordering the Mekong river. Under a recent grant from, ProMED-mail is working to enlarge our networks in West Africa (ProMED-FRA) posted in French, and East Africa (ProMED-EAFR) posted in English. ProMED-mail and ISID are grateful to, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Oracle Corporation, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and many individual donors for financial support. Please consider a donation by clicking on the Donations link on the left. Web services for ProMED-mail are provided as a public service by the Oracle Corporation. E-mail services are provided by the Harvard School of Public Health.” Publications and Presentations by ProMED Authors ProMED in the News  Whos Who in ProMED-mail       LAWRENCE C. MADOFFEditor, ProMED-mail, ISID (Mod.LM)Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology University of Massachusetts Medical School Boston, Massachusetts, USA MARJORIE P. POLLACKDeputy Editor, ProMED-mail, ISID (Mod.MPP)Independent consultant medical epidemiologist with a focus on developing world issues following CDC trainingNew York City, New York, USASTUART HANDYSIDESAssociate Editor, ProMED-mail (Mod.SH)General practitionerFormer editor (based at the PHLS Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, London) of the Communicable Disease Report, Communicable Disease and Public Health, and Eurosurveillance WeeklyBuntingford, England, United KingdomDONALD KAYEAssociate Editor, ProMED-mail (Mod.DK)Professor of MedicineDrexel University College of MedicineFormerly Professor and Chairman, Department of MedicineMCP Hahnemann School of MedicinePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USADANIEL S. SHAPIROAssociate Editor, ProMED-mailAdjunct Associate Professor of MedicineBoston University School of MedicineDirector of Clinical Microbiology LaboratoryLahey ClinicBurlington, Massachusetts, USAJACK WOODALL [ current contents manager ProMED section of this One Health Initiative website ]Associate Editor, ProMED-mail (Mod.JW)Director, Nucleus for the Investigation of Emerging Infectious DiseasesInstitute of Medical Biochemistry, Center for Health SciencesFederal University of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilFormerly Director, Arbovirus LaboratoryNew York State Department of Health, Albany, NY, USAScientist, Division of Epidemiological Surveillance & Health Situation & Trend Assessment, WHO/GenevaDirector, San Juan Laboratories, CDC, Puerto RicoRio de Janeiro, Brazil       Moderators, Correspondents, Policy Committee Members       BATYRBEK ASLANOVProMED-RUS Correspondent (Corr.BA)Associate Professor, Department of EpidemiologySaint-Petersburg Mechnikov State Medical AcademySaint-Petersburg, RussiaYIN MYO AYEProMED/MBDS (Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance) Moderator (Mod.YMA)Bangkok, Thailand SUSAN BAEKELANDCorrespondent, ProMED-mail, plant and animal diseases (Corr.SB)10 years in research in tick-borne diseases and leishmania. Co-operated with Uni of Zarragosa, Dept of Parasitology, Uni of Granada, Spain, and the Veterinary University Dept of Pathology, Athens, Georgia, USA. Parasite named after her awarded by the Uni. of Zarrogasa, Dept of Parasitology: Ewingan_(Doreyana)_baekelandae, parasitic mite of molossid bats.Normandy, France ALISON BODENHEIMERProject Manager, ProMED-mailBoston, Massachusetts, USATIMOTHY BREWERISID Program Director and member, ProMED-mail Policy CommitteeDirector, International Health Office and Associate Professor of Medicine and EpidemiologyMcGill University Medical SchoolMontreal, Quebec, CanadaSIDI COULIBALYProMED-FRA (Francophone Africa) Moderator (Mod.SC)Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoPETER COWENProMED-mail Animal Disease Assistant Moderator (Mod.PC)Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, College of Veterinary MedicineNorth Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, North Carolina, USALUIZ JACINTHO DA SILVAProMED-PORT Moderator (Mod.LJS)Professor of Infectious Diseases, Department of Clinical MedicineFaculty of Medical Sciences - UNICAMPSao Paulo, BrazilTHANIS DAMRONGWATANAPOKINProMED/MBDS (Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance) Moderator (Mod.TD)Bangkok, ThailandFABIAN EKUEProMED-FRA (Francophone Africa) Moderator (Mod.FE)Yaoundé, CameroonBENSON ESTAMBALEProMED-EAFR (East Africa) Moderator (Mod.BE)Nairobi, KenyaAMY GALBLUMProgram Coordinator, ISIDBoston, Massachusetts, USATAM GARLANDProMED-mail Animal Disease and Zoonoses Moderator (Mod.TG)Professor, College of Veterinary MedicineTexas A&M UniversityCollege Station, Texas, USAJORGE GONZALEZ-MENDOZAProMED-ESP Moderator (Mod.JG)Head, Executive Office for Technical Cooperation, and Consultant in Clinical Infectious DiseasesPeruvian National Institutes of HealthPart-time Clinical Instructor in Infectious Diseases, Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von HumboldtUniversidad Peruana Cayetano HerediaLima, PeruEDUARDO GOTUZZOChairman, ProMED-mail Policy CommitteeDirector, Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von HumboldtUniversidad Peruana Cayetano HerediaHead, Department of Transmissible and Dermatology Diseases, Hospital Nacional Cayetano HerediaLima, PeruDAGMAR HANOLDProMED-mail Plant Disease Moderator (Mod.DHA)Department of Applied & Molecular Ecology, School of Agriculture and WineUniversity of AdelaideAdelaide, South Australia, AustraliaMARTIN HUGH-JONESProMED-mail Animal Disease Assistant Moderator (Mod.MHJ)Director, WHO Collaborating Center for Reference and Training in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Veterinary Public HealthCoordinator, Anthrax Research & Control Working GroupLouisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USAMARIA JACOBSProMED-mail Senior Technical Editor (Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ)Zurich, SwitzerlandMATTHEW LEVISONProMED-mail Bacterial Disease Moderator (Mod.ML)Professor of Public HealthDrexel University School of Public HealthAdjunct Professor of Medicine, Formerly Chief, Division of Infectious DiseasesDrexel University College of MedicinePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USALARRY I. LUTWICKProMED-mail Bacterial Disease Moderator (Mod.LL)Director, Infectious DiseasesVA New York Harbor Health Care System (Brooklyn Campus)Professor of MedicineState University of New York - Downstate Medical CenterBrooklyn, New York, USAVADIM MELNIKProMED-RUS Correspondent (Corr.VM)Department of Medical EpidemiologyDonetsk Medical UniversityDonetsk, UkraineSTEPHEN S. MORSEProMED-mail Policy CommitteeProfessorColumbia University School of Public HealthNew York, New York, USA JONATHAN NASHProMED-mail Computer SupportBaltimore, Maryland, USAESKILD PETERSENProMED-mail Parasitic Diseases Moderator (Mod.EP)Specialist of Infectious Diseases and Tropical MedicineDepartment of Infectious DiseasesAarhus University HospitalSkejby, Aarhus, DenmarkCRAIG R. PRINGLEProMED-mail Viral Diseases Moderator (Mod.CP)Emeritus Professor, Biological Sciences DepartmentUniversity of WarwickFormerly at the Medical Research Council Virology Unit, Glasgow, and the Animal Virus Research Institute, PirbrightFormerly Secretary of the International Committee on Taxonomy of VirusesCoventry, England, United KingdomED J. PRUCHAProMED-mail Copy Editor (CopyEd.EJP)New Harbor, Maine, USANATALIA PSHENICHNAYAProMED-RUS Associate Moderator and Translator (Mod.NP)Associate Professor, Department of Infectious DiseasesRostov State Medical UniversityRostov-on-Don, RussiaNILUFAR RAKHMANOVAProMED-mail Russian translator and Newly Independent States Moderator (Mod.NR)Quality Improvement Specialist, Instructor on Introduction to EpidemiologyTashkent, UzbekistanALLAN RONALDProMED-mail Policy CommitteeDistinguished Professor, Medical Microbiology and Internal Medicine, EmeritusDepartment of Infectious Diseases, St. Boniface HospitalUniversity of ManitobaWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaBARBARA HATCH ROSENBERGProMED-mail Policy CommitteeProfessorState University of New York at PurchasePurchase, New York, USA ARNON SHIMSHONYProMED-mail Animal Disease and Zoonoses Moderator (Mod.AS, arn)Associate-Professor, Koret School of Veterinary MedicineHebrew University of JerusalemJerusalem, IsraelMARK SPRINKLEProMED-mail Copy Editor (CopyEd.MSP)Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA ARTAK STEPANYANProMED-RUS Correspondent (Corr.ATS)Department of Infectious DiseasesYerevan State Medical UniversityYerevan, ArmeniaPHIL TEMPLESProMED-mail Technical support & List managementUNIX Systems Administrator ConsultantBoston, Massachusetts, USAJAIME TORRESProMED-ESP Moderator (Mod.JT)President, Emerging Diseases CommitteePan American Infectious Disease SocietyCaracas, VenezuelaJOSEPH FRANCIS WAMALAProMED-EAFR (East Africa) Moderator (Mod.JFW)Kampala, UgandaTOM YUILLProMED-mail Viral Diseases Moderator (Mod.TY)Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, Department of Wildlife EcologyUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMadison, Wisconsin, USA             (Volunteers who provide regular services)A-LAN BANKSWebsearcherSenior Analyst, Core Pharma Patents, Thomson Scientific GlasgowEpidemiologist, Healthcare Associated Infection and Infection Control, Health Protection ScotlandGlasgow, Scotland, United KingdomBRENT BARRETTWebsearcherIndianapolis, Indiana, USAJOSEPH DUDLEYResearch AssociateInstitute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska FairbanksDepartment of Earth Science, University of Alaska MuseumFairbanks, Alaska, USAANGELA HUANGTaiwanMARIANNE HOPPWHO notificationsMARY MARSHALLWebsearcherEuropean Union funded Foot & Mouth Disease and Classical Swine Fever Coordination Action participantUnited KingdomGEORGE A. ROBERTSON, PhDVice President Science & TechnologyParenteral Drug Association (PDA)Bethesda, Maryland, USADAN SILVERChinese-language Web ResearcherUSAVERN WEITZELProMED/MBDS WebsearcherDirectorAustralia Viet Nam Science Technology LinkBelconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia