One Health Newsletter…Winter Issue Posted Today - January 20, 2010   Another outstanding Florida (USA) Department of Health Division of Environmental Health quarterly “One Health Newsletter”, the quarterly January 2010 Winter issue is now posted.  Per usual, it will also be referenced shortly in full on the One Health Initiative website, which works in tandem with the Newsletter and devotes an entire section to this significant One Health publication.    The following distinguished One Health authors & co-authors have provided featured articles:   ·                          Thomas P. Monath, MD – “Concurrent Development of Novel West Nile Vaccines for Humans and Equids:Application of One Health Principles”   Dr. Monath is a prominent physician medical virologist; International One Health leader; One Health Initiative website team member and leader; and special contributor/advisor to the One Health Newsletter                   ·                          Jack Woodall, PhD, Larry Madoff, MD et. al. -  “ProMED-mail and ONE HEALTH” Dr. Woodall, a Co-Founder of ProMED-mail, is a One Health leader, renowned scientist and virologist, and is contents manager of the ProMED-mail section of the One Health Initiative website.   Dr. Madoff is the noted physician Editor of ProMED-mail and a longtime valued One Health advocate/supporter— “ProMED-mail since its inception, has espoused the “One Health” concept.”         ·                          Ted Cohn, DVM  -  “One Health - At the Crossroads”  [also previously published on the One Health Initiative website November 18, 2009].   Dr. Cohn, an outstanding One Health supporter, is an AVMA Executive Board member and a small animal medicine/surgery private practitioner.   ·                          S. K. Lam, PhD – “An Utopian Dream or a Reality?”   Dr. Lam is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a valued One Health supporter and has been one of the most influential figures in medical virology in Southeast Asia.   ·                          --and there are several other important One Health contributions by outstanding authors and co-authors!