Co-author/editor of Landmark One Health book named “Florida (USA) Outstanding Woman in Public Health”   April 7, 2010 – University of South Florida, College of Public Health---The Dean of the college of public health, Donna J. Petersen, MHS, ScD presented Lisa A. Conti, DVM, MPH—a graduate of the USF college of public health—with the prestigious ‘Florida Outstanding Woman in Public Health’ award today in Tampa, Florida (USA).  Dr. Petersen also recognized Dr. Conti’s numerous contributions to the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Florida and nationwide.   Dr. Conti is the director of the Florida State Health Department’s Environmental Health division and on the editorial board of the One Health Newsletter.   Among many other achievements, she co-authored/edited a recently published and highly acclaimed One Health book with Peter Rabinowitz, MD, MPH of Yale medical school:   For public health professionals, human health and veterinary clinicians in the United States this book will be a must-read. Furthermore, I should recommend this book for all libraries of medicine, veterinary and public health schools and research centres from all over the world. This book will bring together human and animal clinicians and provide practical guidelines towards a better understanding on human-animal interactions and their potential effects on the health and well being of humans and animals.     Book review     Review of Human-Animal Medicine - Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses and Other Shared Health Risks by Peter M. Rabinowitz and Lisa A. Conti (eds.)Filipe Dantas-TorresParasites & Vectors 2010, 3:20 (19 March 2010)  [Abstract] -  PDF   “Human-Animal Medicine: Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants and Other Shared Health Risks”