New Zealand One Health Advocate to Receive “Office of the New Zealand Order of Merit” (ONZM)   The Governor General of New Zealand will present the “Office of the New Zealand Order of Merit” (ONZM) award—the New Zealand version of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” (OBE)—on Tuesday April 27, 2010, to veterinarian, Dr. James Daulby Edwards. “For services to the veterinary profession and the community.”   A longstanding supporter and advocate of the One Health concept, Dr. Edwards represents the Minister of Agriculture on the Veterinary Council of New Zealand. He and his wife, Pam work with the health sector in the development and maintenance of online health resource databases.   Dr. Edwards recently participated in a seminar conducted by the New Zealand Medical Council which had asked the United Kingdom’s Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) to conduct an assessment of aspects of the Councils work.  During their visit to New Zealand, CHRE staff had offered to hold a Good Practice seminar and present on their office, their role, healthcare regulation in the UK and examples of good practice by the regulators overseen by the CHRE.  The CHRE was very interested in New Zealand regulatory practice and they followed their presentation with a roundtable discussion.    According to Dr. Edwards, Harry Cayton, chief executive of the CHRE since August 2007, and Michael Andrews, who manages the CHRE Scrutiny and Quality Team, presented the UK approach to the seminar and emphasized the principles of good regulation.  They expressed that, “Regulators function on behalf of the public.  Excessive and restrictive regulation is not necessarily better.  ‘Right touch’ regulation is based on a proper evaluation of the risks.  Professionals need the framework within which to work.”   Dr. Jim Edwards is currently the managing director of World Veterinary Consultants, an international veterinary consultancy.  In addition, he is editor and contents manager of the website and newsletter of the World Veterinary Association  Dr. Edwards was the past President of the World Veterinary Association and the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations.  He has received The World Veterinary Epidemiology Society James H. Steele Award and the New Zealand Veterinary Association Outstanding Service Award.