1st International One Health Congress - REMINDER  Human Health, Animal Health, the Environment and Global Survival   Call for Abstracts Now Open …   Melbourne Convention Centre Victoria, Australia February 14 -16, 2011    See Website for More information  Welcome to the 1st International One Health Congress! For the last few years, the One Health concept has brought together experts working in the areas of animal and human disease. One Health has provided a new synthesis for veterinary and public health communities, particularly in the United States of America, Europe and Australia. However, there is an urgent need and a growing interest to broaden the agenda to incorporate a truly global perspective and to consider environmental issues. This 1st International One Health Congress will achieve these goals by focusing clearly on the risks and challenges brought about by the interactions between animal and human health and the environment.  It will consider these in the general context of the science and research being undertaken, but critically it will focus on the outcomes that need to be achieved to effectively manage the growing risks to global health. The Congress aims to make recommendations on policy and organisational changes using the underlying science to inform and drive the process.  For the first time, it is envisaged that a global consideration of interrelated issues of animal and human health and the relationship with the environment can take the science to the policy maker and thus drive real and profound change. We see this as setting a pathway that in 10 -15 years will result in a seamless approach to infectious disease management  with both the  resources and those with the skills and knowledge intimately linked with the focus clearly on delivering outcomes in a fully united way. Selected recently as the most livable city in the world, Melbourne is renowned as a global sports capital. Melbourne and the surrounding area offers everyone something in which to delight. So our invitation goes beyond the science and thought and extends to enjoying all that Australia has to offer as a unique global venue for such meetings. We look forward to sharing this with you in February 2011.