One Health Leader – Outstanding Veterinary Medical Epidemiologist/Virologist Dr. Graham Kemp Dies   By Thomas P. Monath, MD   Graham Kemp, DVM, MPH, who died in Ft Collins CO on October 25, 2010, was a leader in One Health and some of his accomplishments are highlighted in the One Health in Action series (see  He was 85 years old.   Dr. Graham Kemp grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. In WWII he served in the Royal Canadian Navy protecting convoys of supplies across the Atlantic.  After the war, Graham went to the Ontario Veterinary College (Guelph Ontario), earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.  It was during this time he met and married Wanda (Peggy) Peterson.  Graham was recruited by the State of Illinois where he tested cattle for tuberculosis and brucellosis.  Later he established a veterinary practice for large and small animals. Subsequently, Graham studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and received his Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree.  Berkeley at the time was a hotbed of activity in arbovirus and zoonosis research, led by Karl F. Meyer, William Hammon and William Reeves.  Graham first worked for the California Department of Public Health but soon had the opportunity to join the research team of Rockefeller Foundation.  He was assigned to the Rockefeller Virus Laboratory in Ibadan, Nigeria, the last of the famous field laboratories exploring virus diseases of humans and animals, under the direction of Ottis and Calista Causey.  By this time the family had grown to include 4 children.  Barry age 14, Marne 9, Brenda 2 ½ and 5 week old Kristen.  Graham made many contributions to virus research, most notably in the area of rabies-related viruses of insectivores and bats, arenaviruses (Lassa fever), yellow fever, and a variety of tick-borne arboviruses. When the Rockefeller overseas virus labs closed (1972), Graham joined the staff of the Dengue Branch of the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, Centers for Disease Control in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he worked on dengue fever epidemiology.  In 1975 he transferred to the Division’s headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado,  where he worked until his retirement. Graham was a quintessential student of the natural history of disease.  He understood the complex interplay of virus vector and human and animal host, the environment in which transmission occurred, and the methods necessary to study diseases in the setting in which they occurred.  He was a dedicated team player, a warm friend to numerous scientists across the globe, an organized and meticulous scientist, and a strong supporter of One Health. Graham is survived by Peggy, his wife of 62 years, son Barry and wife Paula of Chico, California, daughter Marne of British Columbia Canada and her 4 children, Misha who resides in Shanghai, China with his wife Rainey; Levi, Shaena and Cierra who reside in British Columbia.  Daughter, Brenda and her 4 children, Leela, Summer, Annika and Zoey all reside in Chico, CA.  Kristen and her husband Alan reside in Fort Collins, Co.  Alans daughter Amanda resides in Los Angeles, CA. and Kristen has two children, Tom who resides in Los Osos, CA. with his wife Liz and their son, Julian as well as Kristens daughter, Michelle who resides in Sacramento, CA.