ProMED One Health Publications                The One Health Initiative website has offered its national (U.S.) and international readers a unique One Health view since February 2009.  A co-founder and associate editor of ProMED-mail, Jack Woodall, PhD, has diligently managed the contents of the our website’s special Home page tab called “ProMED outbreak reports”   Dr. Woodall says, “You are also encouraged to visit the latest ProMED postings at daily, 7 days a week.  Readers who have anything to add to any of these postings are encouraged to send an e-mail to”   In addition, the One Health Initiative website encourages readers to express their views about this section or any others posted with e-mails to    If any writer wishes to have their One Health opinions posted, please indicate this on your e-mail.  It will be considered for posting ASAP, dependent upon content and space available.  No anonymous comments will be acceptable for publication(s).                              . . . . . . .   “Infection, Ecology and Epidemiology (IEE Network)” 2nd meeting will be in Sigtuna, Sweden, 15-16 March, 2011! Key note lecturer:  Dr. John (Jack) Woodall is a viral epidemiologist, member of the One Health team and currently the contents manager of the One Health Initiative website’s ProMED-mail page.  Read more about dr Woodall here! You will find pictures from the first IEE meeting 16-17 March, 2010, here!  Björn Olsen, MD, Professor, Senior Physician Infectious Diseases Uppsala University and University Hospital (Sweden) leads the IEE Network and is a significant One Health supporter.  Dr. Olsen also serves on the One Health Initiative website’s Honorary Advisory Board