1st International One Health Congress Summary – February 14 – 16, 2011 – Victoria, Australia   SEE: Complete Official Summary Report posted (attachment released May 3, 2011) on Publications page   Key messages arising from the inaugural International One Health Congress:   The One Health approach          Recognises the interdependence of, and seeks to improve human, animal and environmental health          Recognises that communication, collaboration and trust between human and animal health practitioners is at the heart of the One Health concept          Has a broad vision and includes other disciplines such as economics and social behavior that are essential to success          Needs to promote the ‘doable’ such as improving surveillance and response for emerging infectious diseases whilst developing the broader approach          Emphasises community participation and development of community capacity, and especially, an open transparent dialogue          Requires both ‘ground up ‘and ‘top down’ action          Recognises that understanding ecosystems, including molecular ecobiology, are an essential part of One Health.          Recognises that One Health is a major component of food security and safety   Visionary leaders of the 1st International One Health Congress meeting from 14 – 16 February 2011 included Drs. Martyn Jeggo and David Heymann, a veterinarian and physician respectively.   Martyn H. Jeggo, BVetMed, PhD is Director, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Livestock Industries Australian Animal Health Laboratory (Australia) and David L. Heymann, MD is Director, U.K. Health Protection Agency (United Kingdom) and Editor, Control of Communicable Diseases Manual.  Drs. Jeggo and Heymann are both members of the One Health Initiative autonomous pro bono Team’s honorary Advisory Board                                     Provided by:   Martyn Jeggo, BVetMed, PhD Director Australian Animal Health Laboratory CSIRO Livestock Industries PMB 24 Geelong   Vic   3220 Australia