General Invitation to One Health open forum discussion – RE: International Society of One Health Proposal   During the first International Congress on One Health held in Melbourne in February 2011, it was agreed to hold a one day meeting to discuss the best way forward for the One Health initiative. The possibility was discussed of the formation of an International Society of One Health as one way forward but it was recognized that other options might be preferable. There was strong support for a second International One Health Congress.   We would like to extend an open invitation to any interested person or party to attend a meeting in London, U.K. in late June.  The agenda for is meeting is given below:   Agenda   1. Introduction and background to meeting 2. Do we need a new international body to further progress One Health such as an International Society for One Health.          - why is something needed?          - what would be its functions?          - given the above how should it be structured, managed and be located? 3. Do we need a One Health dedicated journal? If yes            - how should it be produced (hard copy, e journal, web-based)            - how should be organized and financed 4. Do we want a second International One Health Congress. If yes            - who will organize this,            - where and when            - what format and areas should be covered 5. Summary and next steps     If you are interested please contact Anne Partridge at Anne.Partridge@CSIRO.AU as an expression of interest. Based on the response we will get back to you with further details,   The Organizing Committee,   Professor Martyn Jeggo Professor John Mackenzie Dr. David Heymann Dr. Jimmy Smith     Professor Martyn Jeggo Director Australian Animal Health Laboratory CSIRO Livestock Industries PMB 24 Geelong   Vic   3220 Tel:  03 5227 5511 Fax: 03 5227 5250 Mobile:  0409 166 752   Posted by One Health Initiative website team upon request May 27, 2011