International One Health Group Endorses One Health Initiative Website as “web portal” for all One Health Information   July 6, 2011:   An open invitation meeting on One Health was held at the UK Health Protection Agency in London on 29th June, 2011 to identify needs and actions required to progress a globally inclusive international one health approach. One important need identified was for a single web portal for finding information on all aspects of One Health. It was agreed that the current One Health Initiative website was to a significant extent carrying out this function and would be appropriate as the international web portal. Whilst great news for this website, the issue of resourcing for the site still remains a challenge and any assistance or advice on this would be greatly appreciated Professor Martyn Jeggo, Director, Australian Animal Health Laboratory PO Box 100, Geelong, Victoria, Australia Mobile 0061409166752   Dr. Jeggo, a veterinarian and international One Health leader from Australia chaired the London meeting and the Organizing Committee of the first International Congress of One Health held in Melbourne, Australia in February 2011.  By all accounts the meeting was highly successful with an attendance of over 650 delegates worldwide (about 24 countries represented).  See