One Health and the “55-Word Story”- New website feature offered   One Health supporter/advocate Ronald D. Warner, DVM, MPVM, PhD, a veterinarian, recently proposed a unique method of promoting “One Health”.  Dr. Warner discovered “a feature periodically published in Families, Systems, & Health, a journal of the American Psychological Association.”  The idea is for authors to write in creative and concise ways that convey ‘nuggets’ of experience highlighting One Health.   Here is the deal:  The One Health Initiative Team invites and encourages “55-word story” One Health submissions for publication on the One Health Initiative website’s News page, the most widely read page.  They must be exactly 55 words, excluding the title.  Appropriate 55-word examples of “One Health” in the experience of all health care provider clinicians, biomedical researchers, public health practitioners and health scientists of all One Health disciplines from all nations will be welcomed and considered.   No references needed but we will accept up to five if preferred by the author(s).  Such a periodic feature provides a venue for many who may not feel they have the data base, expertise, or time to submit a more-traditional manuscript.  The One Health grass roots and all others now have an opportunity to express their thoughts.    If you are interested in participating, please send your 55-word One Health item to the One Health Initiative website team c/o   The following is the first One Health “55-word story” written appropriately by Dr. Warner:   A Boy and His Dog - submitted August 3, 2011   Virchow’s “one medicine” concept is still very relevant. A sick child and his ill dog had strikingly similar syndromes: fever, petechial rash, and thrombocytopenia. The dog was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever; a physician examines the child: same diagnosis, vector, and treatment. When dealing with zoonoses, interdisciplinary team approaches heal both animals and humans.   Dr. Ronald D. Warner ProfessorDirector, TravelMed ClinicDirector, Preventive Medicine Division Dept of Family and Community Medicine, School of MedicineTexas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Center3601 4th StreetLubbock, TX 79430-8143