MIT News (USA): Analysis of 29 mammals reveals genomic ‘dark matter’ Genomic comparison offers a new map for charting human disease and biology.   Haley Bridger, Broad Institute   October 13, 2011   “An international team of researchers has discovered the vast majority of the so-called “dark matter” in the human genome, by means of a sweeping comparison of 29 mammalian genomes. The team, led by scientists from the Broad Institute and MIT, has pinpointed the parts of the human genome that control when and where genes are turned on. This map is a critical step in interpreting the thousands of genetic changes that have been linked to human disease. The findings appeared online Oct. 12 in the journal Nature. ...” Please read more:   MIT news  |  77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 11-400  |  Cambridge, MA 02139-4307  |  617.253.2700  |  TTY 617.258.9344 twitter | rss | contact | about the mit news office | terms of use | comments | Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)