Unique North Carolina (USA) Collaborative Group Sponsors “One Health” Discussion Series   “The North Carolina (USA) One Health Collaborative sponsors the One Health Intellectual Exchange Group discussion series. These interdisciplinary sessions are designed to provide a forum for direct communications / collaborations between physicians, veterinarians, environmental, plant and wildlife researchers, public health and other local/global health professionals.  Held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30pm at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, these sessions are held weekly January – April and monthly the rest of the year. All local professionals and interested students are encouraged to participate. A parallel course, ‘One Health: Philosophy to Practical Integration of Human, Animal and Environmental Health’, cross listed at Duke University, University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University is available to professional and graduate students (undergraduates by permission) who wish to participate for credit. Registration is not required for attendance.”    January 25, 2012—According to Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD, Chair, North Carolina One Health Collaborative Steering Committee & One Health Intellectual Exchange Group, “outstanding One Health speakers have been engaged to share comments with attendees”.  Indeed, examination of the 2012 schedule of presentations confirms Dr. Stroud’s assessment.  Notably, Dr. Stroud also represents the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) on the USA’s One Health Commission     For more information about this important, enlightened North Carolina One Health group and their activities, please see