Important One Health Endorsement Statement provided to One Health Initiative team/website February 24, 2012   PRIMATOLOGY CAN PROVIDE CRITICAL LINKS FOR THE “ONE HEALTH INITIATIVE” *Joseph M. Erwin, PhD, and **Patrick R. Hof, MD Humans are primates, and detailed studies of the health and behavior of human and nonhuman primates across the life span, in natural and disturbed settings, as well as in research facilities, breeding colonies, and zoological gardens, can yield much information of mutual benefit to human and nonhuman primates. Collaborative participation by physicians, veterinarians, and primatologists in the “One Health Initiative” promotes increased understanding of fundamental biological systems, while enhancing prospects of detecting emerging pathogens, along with genomic vulnerabilities and protections, and environmental hazards. Evidence-based approaches to advancing human health also have the potential of promoting the health, well-being, and conservation of the nonhuman primates. We envision increased cooperation among scientists in fields ranging from wildlife medicine and virology to behavioral ecology and comparative primate biology. Field stations initially set up for conservation biology could be productively equipped to serve as sentinels for detecting and monitoring emerging pathogens. Initiatives for global virus hunting could be interwoven with ecological monitoring projects. We wish to add our voices to the call for increased collaboration and cooperation and interdisciplinary commitments to data and tissue resource sharing, and we urge colleagues to join in the “One Health Initiative.”      *Dr. Erwin, George Washington University, Washington, DC (USA), is currently an independent consultant (Needmore, PA).  Clients include National Institutes of Health contractors, architectural firms, research suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, medical schools and universities and conservation organizations. **Dr. Hof is Regenstreif Professor of Neuroscience and Vice-Chair, Department of Neuroscience, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY (USA). Among many other prominent publications and accomplishments, Drs. Erwin and Hof are noted for co-editing the book “Aging in Nonhuman Primates. Basel: Karger, 2002. Vol. 31, Interdisciplinary Topics in Gerontology (Hof, P., and Mobbs, C., Series Editors).