Prominent Physician and Veterinarian Jointly Discuss “One Health” Human-Animal Comparative Medicine Presentations – RE: Asthma  By Frank Adams, MD, FCCP and Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM  *Drs. Frank Adams, a physician{615E3AE9-8B58-48AC-B39F-1753B798DB1E}&TabID={1} ;, and Ann Hohenhaus, a veterinarian, are both One Health supporters.  Together, in this article provided exclusively to the One Health Initiative website [submitted April 7, 2013], they collaborated on One Health oriented clinical asthma presentations for human and animal patients with clarification comments.    “People and their pets share many things besides their home and a walk in the park.  Both might have leaky heart valves.  A pet cat might transmit to a close family member a fungal infection called ringworm.  Both cats and people can be diagnosed with asthma and both species might be treated with Flovent®, a corticosteroid inhalant aerosol medication, but do people and their cats really have the same disease? ...  ... Although a cure for asthma in cats and humans is beyond our reach at this time, control of this increasingly common disease can be accomplished with combinations of a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory medications. Comparative medical interdisciplinary collaborations (One Health) are instructive and potentially useful to help us better understand the nature and management of asthma.”  READ complete article see: