Signature One Health Leader, Veterinary Medical College Dean and Former U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Joins One Health Initiative Team’s Honorary Advisory Board   The One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono team is delighted to announce that Dr. Lonnie J. King, a veterinarian, has graciously accepted becoming a member of the team’s Honorary Advisory Board on December 31, 2013.  Dr. King said, “I would be honored to be included as a member of your Honorary Advisory Board.  As you know, I really appreciate what you [Bruce], Tom, Laura, Jack and Lisa have accomplished.  Your collective efforts have truly advanced our One Health purpose and helped develop a greater sense of awareness.  It would be a pleasure and again, an honor, to be part of your outstanding team.”   The OHI Honorary Advisory Board was established in 2010 and has 30 distinguished members from within the U.S. and worldwide.  Dr. King was a preeminent One Health leader during the early establishment and development of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s One Health Task Force and seminal One Health implementation report  He has continued his extraordinary One Health activities in all subsequent endeavors.   Lonne J. King, DVM, MS, MPH is presently Dean of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. King was the former director of the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) new National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne and Enteric Diseases (NCZVED) in Atlanta, GA.  In this position, Dr. King led the Center’s One Health activities for surveillance, diagnostics, disease investigations, epidemiology, research, public education, vector-born and zoonotic diseases of public health concern, which includes most of the CDC’s select and bioterrorism agents, neglected tropical diseases and emerging zoonoses.  Before serving as director, Dr. King was the first chief of the agency’s Office of Strategy and Innovation.  Notably, Dr. King was elected as a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of The National Academies in 2004.   Dr. King is listed as a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate