American Society of Microbiology (ASM) [One Health] NEWS – Pages 173, 174, 175   Please read complete NEWS item at (See pages 173, 174, & 175)   Microbe—Volume 9, Number 4, 2014 See Pages 173, 174 & 175: Permission to post on One Health Initiative website graciously granted by Patrick Lacey, Managing Editor. Branches: ASM Activities at the Local Level... One Health at the Northeast Branch, One Health 2013—Alfred DeMaria, Jr., MD, President, Northeast Branch.   “This month I have the pleasure of sharing with you a project that was undertaken last year by the Northeast Branch of ASM—One Health 2013. This activity supports one of the core values that Branches continuously offer their membership: cutting-edge programming that rivals programming available at larger meetings. I hope that once you fýnish learning of this program and its success you too will appreciate the value that Branches offer and consider attending your next Branch event.”   “One Health is “a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment” ( One Health promotes the idea that the health of people, animals, and the environment are inextricably linked. While the One Health concept is widely supported, operationalizing it in professional practice among health professionals has been challenging. In recognition of these diffýculties, the Northeast Branch of ASM hosted two forums in 2013, one in Worcester, Mass., and the other in Boston, to engage undergraduates, graduate students, and health professions students in a discussion of One Health, assess their enthusiasm for the concept, and solicit their ideas for promoting it. The forums, funded in part by the ASM Branch National Funding program, were organized by the Northeast Branch in association with the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine; the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine of Tufts University; and the MCPHS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) University.  During each forum, distinguished multidisciplinary panels of experts provided their perspectives on One Health, and attendees then engaged in discussions, offered suggestions, and afterwards evaluated the program. …”  See Photo with caption below, Page 174 • Microbe—Volume 9, Number 4, 2014  One Health Panel, 30 September 2013. Back row (l-r): Alfred DeMaria, Jr., Department of Public Health; Michael McGuill, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University; Michael Pentella, Department of Public Health; *Larry Madoff, Department of Public Health. Front row (l-r): Mary Montgomery, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital; Catherine Brown, Department of Public Health; Christine Rioux, Tufts University School of Medicine Note: *Dr. Larry Madoff, a physician, is a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate and serves on the One Health Initiative team’s Honorary Advisory Board   Provided by: Alfred DeMaria, Jr., MD Medical Director, Bureau of Infectious Disease State Epidemiologist Massachusetts Department of Public Health William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute 305 South Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130 617-983-6550, Fax: 617-983-6925   Dr. Demaria, a physician, is a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate