Immediate Past President (World Medical Association) comments: Global “One Health” Conference May 21-22, 2015 World Veterinary Association & World Medical Association “At the meeting July 15 of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Medical Association (WMA), in association with the Spanish Medical and Spanish Veterinary Associations, agreement was held to hold a Global Conference on the One Health Initiative for 21-22 May 2015. This is an important march toward implementation of a memorandum signed by the WVA and WMA to collaborate in the One-Health Initiative. This is a unified approach to veterinary and human medicine (veterinarians and physicians) in order to improve Global Health signed. The One Health Initiative is a movement to forge co-equal, all-inclusive collaborations between physicians, osteopaths, veterinarians, dentists, nurses and other scientific-health and environmentally related disciplines Recognizing that human health, animal health and ecosystem health are inextricably linked, One Health seeks to promote, improve, and defend the health and well-being of all species by enhancing cooperation and collaboration between physicians, veterinarians, other scientific health and environmental professionals and by promoting strengths in leadership and management to achieve these goals. The memorandum was signed in October 2012. Participation by the WMA and WVA is consistent with established policy to work collaboratively. Present at the meeting for the ceremonial signing on behalf of the WVA were Dr. Faouzi Kechrid, President and Dr. Tjeerd Jorna, Past President, and for the WMA were Cecil B. Wilson, MD, President and Mukesh Haikerwal, MD Chair of the Board. The main objectives of the Global Conference next May is to strengthen the links and communications and to achieve closer collaboration between physicians, veterinarians and all relevant stakeholders to improve different aspects of the health and welfare of humans, animals and the environment.” Cecil B. Wilson, MD, MACP Immediate Past President, World Medical Association Past President, American Medical Association [Message sent to One Health Initiative website September 8, 2014]   Dr. Wilson is a member of the One Health Initiative team’s Honorary Advisory Board   Also scroll down previous NEWS items to see World Veterinary Association/World Medical Association global One Health Conference to be held in Madrid, Spain – May 2015 – Posted One Health Initiative NEWS page, Wednesday, August 27, 2014 World Veterinary Association/World Medical Association global One Health Conference to be held in Madrid, Spain – May 2015: See