New 2014 One Health Book … “Confronting Emerging Zoonoses - The One Health Paradigm”   Furnishes a unique resource for everyone interested in the interface of human and veterinary medicine and public health from internationally acknowledged One Health authors and co-authors.   Presents the latest understanding of the origin of human pathogens and disease emergence   Includes compelling One Health successes and challenges in areas such as comparative medicine, field epidemiology training and food safety   This book provides readers with information on the factors underlying the emergence of infectious diseases originating in animals and spreading to people. The One Health concept recognizes the important links between human, animal, and environmental health and provides an important strategy in epidemic mitigation and prevention. The essential premise of the One Health concept is to break down the silos among the different health professions and promote transdisciplinary collaborations. These concepts are illustrated with in-depth analyses of specific zoonotic agents and with examples of the successes and challenges associated with implementing One Health. The book also highlights some of the challenges societies face in confronting several specific zoonotic diseases. A chapter is included on comparative medicine to demonstrate the broad scope of the One Health concept. Edited by Senior Editor Akio Yamada, DVM, PhD and in collaboration with the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono team members (two physicians, two veterinarians and a health research scientist). The book is dedicated to those studying zoonotic diseases and comparative medicine in both human and veterinary medicine, to those involved in the prevention and control of zoonotic infections, and to those in the general public interested in the visionary field of One Health. For more details see: