One Health Newsletter, Volume 7 Issue 4 Published – January 3, 2015   A quarterly online product of the University of Florida (Emerging Pathogens Institute), Gainesville, FL - USA See:, or     The One Health concept arose from the realization that human health and animal health are inextricably linked and that a holistic approach is needed to understand, to protect, and to promote the health of all species. Whether it is emerging infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, globalization, natural disasters, or climate change, human and veterinary medical communities must work together to successfully combat the serious health threats of the 21st century. One Health seeks to improve communication and encourage collaboration between veterinarians, physicians, environmental scientists and public health professionals to find multidisciplinary solutions to these shared challenges. This newsletter was created to lend support to the One Health Initiative and is dedicated to enhancing the integration of animal, human, and environmental health for the benefit of all.