The relevance of “One Health” to South Africa Brigid Letty MSc.Agric1, Alan Rowe BVSc.2, Nkululeko Manci MBChB 3 and Debbie Rowe CPDH4 1Principal Scientist - Institute of Natural Resources 2State Veterinarian – KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development 3Medical Manager – St Apollinaris Hospital, Centocow Mission 4Director - Creighton Sunflower Health Education and Life Projects   INTRODUCTION “One Health, being a strategy that aims to expand interdisciplinary collaboration and communication between actors involved in human, animal and environmental healthcare (Kahn et al. 2007), is very relevant in the context of South Africa, particularly as a mechanism for strengthening the efficacy of public healthcare (Monath et al. 2010). The need to promote the concept of One Health forms the basis for a partnership that has been established in the Creighton-Centocow area of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. St Apollinaris is the hospital based at the Centocow Mission. It provides health care support to the surrounding rural communities. Livestock healthcare support is largely provided through the services of the provincial department of agriculture’s veterinary services, which is under the management of Dr. Alan Rowe, the State Veterinarian based in the small town of Ixopo some 30km from Centocow Mission. The current programme is building on past linkages between these parties, where veterinarians and physicians worked together in an effort to control scabies outbreaks. ...” Please read complete article: Note:  Brigid Letty is listed on the One Health Initiative Supporters page (scroll down).