One Health Commission (USA) Offers Public Service “One Health” Announcement Audios, April 2015 Please listen to: English Version and Spanish Version According to Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD, Executive Director, One Health Commission (OHC), these are suitable for all amenable radio stations in the U.S. (or elsewhere) and any other interested health oriented organizations or university institutions willing to use them.  They are free of charge.  Dr. Stroud encourages widespread distribution and utilization of these audio recordings in order to help spread the One Health message to listening audiences.  Stroud said, “The One Health public service announcement (psa) that the OHC Communications Team spearheaded and that you [OHI team] consulted on is now posted online.  Please indicate to the world that it is available, free to download and use for educational purposes.”  Questions may be directed to the Executive Director at or Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES, Associate Executive Director