New Publications in the One Health Journal Veterinary Sciences — Basel, Switzerland The new online Open Access journal Veterinary Sciences (ISSN 2306-7381, published two new issues in 2016: Vet. Sci., Volume 3, Issue 1 (March 2016) Vet. Sci., Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 2016) Full text are available free of charge. Table of Contents: Review: Canine Mammary Carcinomas: A Comparative Analysis of Altered Gene Expression by Farruk M. Lutful Kabir, Carlos E. Alvarez and R. Curtis Bird Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 1; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010001 Review: Canine Histiocytic Malignancies—Challenges and Opportunities by Katherine Kennedy, Rachael Thomas and Matthew Breen Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 2; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010002 Review: Understanding the Osteosarcoma Pathobiology: A Comparative Oncology Approach by Jyotika Varshney, Milcah C. Scott, David A. Largaespada and Subbaya Subramanian Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 3; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010003 Review: Therapeutic Innovations: Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer by Nikolaos Dervisis and Shawna Klahn Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 4; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010004 Editorial: Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Veterinary Sciences in 2015 by Veterinary Sciences Editorial Office Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 5; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010005 Article: An Alternative Vaccination Approach for The Prevention of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in The Red River Delta, Vietnam —A Geospatial-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analysis by Chinh C. Tran, John F. Yanagida, Sumeet Saksena and Jefferson Fox Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 6; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010006 Review: Comparative Aspects of Canine Melanomaby Adriana Tomoko Nishiya, Cristina Oliveira Massoco, Claudia Ronca Felizzola, Eduardo Perlmann, Karen Batschinski, Marcello Vannucci Tedardi, Jéssica Soares Garcia, Priscila Pedra Mendonça, Tarso Felipe Teixeira and Maria Lucia Zaidan Dagli Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(1), 7; doi:10.3390/vetsci3010007 Review: Sentinel Animals in a One Health Approach to Harmful Cyanobacterial and Algal Blooms by Lorraine C. Backer and Melissa Miller Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(2), 8; doi:10.3390/vetsci3020008 Article: Establishment and Characterization of New Canine and Feline Osteosarcoma Primary Cell Lines by Florian R. L. Meyer and Ingrid Walter Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(2), 9; doi:10.3390/vetsci3020009 Article: Sequence Instability in the Proviral Long Terminal Repeat and gag Regions from Peripheral Blood and Tissue-Derived Leukocytes of FIV-Infected Cats during the Late Asymptomatic Phase by Christina D. Eckstrand, Chadwick Hillman and Brian G. Murphy Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(2), 10; doi:10.3390/vetsci3020010 Review: The Comparative Diagnostic Features of Canine and Human Lymphoma by Davis M. Seelig, Anne C. Avery, E. J. Ehrhart and Michael A. Linden Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(2), 11; doi:10.3390/vetsci3020011 Review: Travelling between Two Worlds: Complement as a Gatekeeper for an Expanded Host Range of Lyme Disease Spirochetes by Peter Kraiczy Vet. Sci. 2016, 3(2), 12; doi:10.3390/vetsci3020012 Provided to the One Health Initiative website June 24, 2016 by: Margie Ma Managing Editor Veterinary Sciences