Prominent Israeli Physician Accepts Country Ambassador Role in Global ‘One Health Day’ Plans   Prof. Itamar Grotto, MD, MPH, PhD,, a physician and recently appointed associate Director General of the State of Israel’s Ministry of Health accepted serving as Israel’s “One Health Day” Country Ambassador on October 16, 2016.  A longstanding One Health supporter/advocate, Dr. Grotto and several physician and veterinarian colleagues from Israel collaborated to write an important One Health article in the landmark 2009 MONOGRAPH in Veterinaria Italiana One Health - One Medicine: linking human, animal and environmental health Notably, the first ‘One Health’ Conference held in Israel was on February 4, 2016  “Israel just had its first One Health conference in a hospital!”  The one day event took place at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, and was supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH)  “Serving as a One Health Day Country Ambassador simply means we have connected with a significant, knowledgeable and respected health leader representative from that particular country who is supportive of the One Health concept and willing to help promote it via a One Health Day”, said veterinarian and planning committee leader of the first annual Global One Health Day, Dr. Cheryl Stroud [DVM, PhD], Executive Director of the One Health Commission (OHC).  The OHC has been collaborating co-equally with the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team and the One Health Platform Foundation to help develop, plan, coordinate and promote the One Health concept worldwide via this One Health Day project. Dr. Stroud elaborates further, “Ambassadors work within their country networks to encourage creation of One Health Day events by colleagues, students, individuals, government agencies.  It is an informal relationship, no contracts.  In this instance, inquiries about One Health and One Health Day from within Israel may potentially come to Dr. Grotto for encouragement and he might connect them with the One Health Day Regional Spokesperson for the Middle East, physician Dr. Muhammad Wasif Alam [MD, MSPH],, Director of Public Health & Safety at Dubai Health Authority.”  Stroud says, “We, the planning committee, broke the globe into 6 regions”  The network is composed of One Health advocates that are being encouraged to encourage others.  In this whole process, the One Health concept is being discussed and shared. This One Health Day Country Ambassador connection is very new.  Consequently, the OHC’s One Health Day website has not yet created a place for this listing.  The planning committee stresses that this is just the first annual One Health Day but they are already starting to talk about next year.