A Plea for Global Health Action Bottom-Up – A One Health issue... A recent article (Please read link, A Plea for Global Health Action Bottom-Up’, appearing in Frontiers in Public Health (authors: Prof Ulrich Laaser, Dr. Stephen Dorey, Dr. Joann Nurse) may be especially timely and relevant for those engaged in implementing the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as well as for the task force team  (Dr. George Lueddeke, chair) preparing an education K-12+ “Preparing society to create the world we need through ‘One Health’ education!” funding proposal on behalf of the One Health Commission Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono team coalition. Among other key recommendations, the authors of the article highlight that top-down political strategy for global health needs to be complemented by a bottom-up strategy to gain momentum. In addition, they underscore the importance of  involving public health professionals in implementing the One Health concept worldwide as they have a central role advocating the links and well-being of humans as well as other organisms and the wider environment. Prepared and provided by: Dr. George Lueddeke [BA, OTC, MEd, PhD], Consultant in Higher & Medical Education, United Kingdom ( and Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Laaser DTM&H, MPH Section of International Public Health (S-IPH) Faculty of Health Sciences University of Bielefeld POB 10 01 31 D-33501 Bielefeld, Germany E-mail:; Website: SEEJPH: On Facebook: On Twitter: @laaseru On Skype: laaseru