See gracious Message to collaborating ‘One Health Day’ planning groups received December 19, 2016 from: One Health Platform Foundation—an update Dear International One Health Coalition partners, I seize this opportunity to let you know that the One Health Platform foundation [] has revised and slightly changed its internal structure, in recognition of the important role played by funding organizations. To that end, we have transformed the Supporters Action Group into a real Industry Advisory Board, which will closely interact with our scientific experts to coordinate the implementation of the organization’s policy roadmap. The attached set of slides provides a good overview of our new structure and activities [“What we do”].  The second attachment is an electronic copy of the One Health Communicator (our printed periodical that brings recent news on a variety of One Health related subjects). The Communicator [One Health Communicator:] is a newspaper-sized tool, disseminated at major One Health events, such as the recently held One Health EcoHealth Congress in Melbourne.  The third document is the press release [] about the recently held One Health Day. We have set up this project together with the One Health Commission and the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, primarily to raise awareness about the One Health concept as an approach towards solving today’s critical global health challenges. And we are very proud to announce that the first One Health Day was celebrated on 3 November 2016 with 156 events held in 37 countries! The last enclosure is the announcement brochure of the 5th International One Health Congress, to be held in Saskatoon, Canada, from 22 to 25 June 2018. The preparations for this congress are progressing very well, and we have been able to promote the congress intensively during the Melbourne conference [Announcement brochure 5th International One Health Congress:]   We feel we have covered quite some ground in the past year and this would never have been possible without the valuable input of our partner organizations. On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Board, I wish to thank you once again for your support to our One Health objectives. Wishing you a great festive season and a wonderful new year! Kindest regards, *David De Pooter management ONE HEALTH PLATFORM Its all connected mobile: +32 479 45 74 46 *David De Pooter is an extraordinary content specialist at Semiotics, an internationally operating communication and advocacy agency, working for a variety of scientific organizations, consortia, academic institutions and EU projects. Hes an expert in opening up complex content for either a wide or a very specific audience, with a passion for online search and social media techniques. David has been working for the European Scientific working Group on Influenza (ESWI) since 2003 and the One Health Platform since 2015. He acts as a communication manager and professional writer on medical topics for both organizations. Editor’s comments: Historically, this visionary collaborative “One Health Day” effort, initiated and led by the One Health Commission (OHC) Executive Director Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD Biography, was originally the brain child of Dr. Stroud’s exceptional Associate Executive Director, Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES Biography.  Stroud presciently encouraged and engaged the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team (OHI team) along with the outstanding leader of the One Health Platform Foundation (OHP) and a leading Dutch virologist and influenza expert, Ab Osterhaus, DVM, PhD into joining co-equally to help plan and promote this important international project.  Financial funding was and is provided and handled via the OHC and OPH respectively; the OHI team operates pro bono with no outside funding available and does not participate in the financial aspects of the project.  The OHC, OHP and OHI team are currently coordinating efforts for this event to hopefully happen again next year (2017) and indefinitely thereafter. This cooperative, co-equal collaborative coalition represents the true spirit of the One Health movement, i.e. a model to equipoise the focus and mutual interests of three prominent One Health groups for the sole purpose of advancing the One Health approach implementation per se worldwide.  Notably, many other One Health “silos” participated altruistically with over 150 “One Health” events worldwide in many countries from the African, Americas, Asian, European, and Oceania regions