An Outstanding Editorial One Health perspective...    One What? Why GI [Gastrointestinal] Researchers Should Know and Care About the One Health Initiative” By Rebecca G. Wells, MD [a physician] Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Please read complete article at: Open Access DOI: “The One Health Initiative is an international movement that began in 2006 and is supported by, among others, the American Medical Association and the US Centers for Disease Control.1  Available from: Accessed September 14, 2016. See all References1 Its goal is both laudable and logical: to bring together animal, human, and environmental health practitioners for collaborations that enhance health and well being, broadly and globally. Sadly, although One Health (and the related concept of Zoobiquity2  Available from: Accessed September 14, 2016. See all References2) are widely appreciated in the veterinary community, they are generally unknown in the human medical community, especially among subspecialists such as gastroenterologists.3   Wolfe, L.A. Why the human side lags behind in One Health. Veterinary Practice News. June 10, 2015; See all References3 I first heard of One Health from a veterinary collaborator a year ago, and an informal survey of colleagues in gastrointestinal (GI) research suggested that most are similarly unaware of One Health. ...”