One Health Task Force (Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – USA) One Health is a transdisciplinary concept to improve the well-being of humans, animals, plants and the environment. It recognizes how the health of each individual element contributes to the health of the whole and shows how obvious impacts in one area – for example, outbreaks of wildlife diseases – are often linked to environmental stress, as well as diseases that concurrently affect the health and wellbeing of other species. For instance, read how the disappearance of ducks in northern Nigeria helped human health officials investigate unexplained illness among children in nearby villages. It is no surprise, then, that One Health advocates believe our environmental, animal and human health organizations and professions must collaborate effectively and take actions to promote healthy humans and healthy animals supported by a healthy and sustainable environment. The Pennsylvania One Health Task Force supports this line of thinking by assembling a group of federal, state and academic stakeholders to work together, with one vision. ... SEE MORE AT or