Prominent Infectious Diseases Physician—Dr. Larry I. Lutwick—Endorses One Health paradigm   “As an academically trained Infectious Diseases physician with 40 years of experience, the need for intense cooperation between animal and human medicine is becoming more and more vital.  Not that zoonotic infections are new but they are becoming more and more relevant in emerging and reemerging diseases.  From the threats of the avian influenzas such as H5N1 and H7N9 to cause pandemics in man to new species jumping infections such as SARS and MERS and old ones such as plague, tularemia and Q fever to new scenarios such as certain genotypes of hepatitis E which are zoonotic and can cause chronic human infection in immunocompromised hosts, cooperation is vital to minimize the impact of all of those and more infectious diseases. Besides the necessities of basic science and clinical interactions between animal and human health, clinical scholars such as myself serve as a source of information about One Health to the medical and veterinary trainees to assist them in understanding the scope of these issues.  There is no doubt that the presence of the One Health paradigm and its supporters play a vital role in early detection, early prevention, treatment and education about the new world of the Brave New World of zoonotic infections.”   LARRY I. LUTWICK, MD, FACP Moderator Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases Editor-in-Chief ID Cases Open Access ID clinical journal – Elsevier