An outstanding, informative One Health University program (and website) with a global health orientation and outreach… Duke University (USA) What is One Health? With rapid transportation of people, animals, and food, now the norm in many world economies, we are facing new complex zoonotic diseases and food safety problems on a scale never seen before. To respond to and control these problems, we will need new approaches. One Health, an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses animal, human, and environmental health, has been embraced as a way forward by many groups of professional experts. It is a worldwide strategy for advancing health care in humans, animals and the environment through communication and collaboration between multiple disciplines with the realization that human, animal, and environmental health are all connected. The Duke One Health team serves as a base for the rapidly expanding Duke research portfolio in One Health, as well as a hub for encouraging ongoing campus-wide research activities in this field. Duke has an expansive academic and clinical network both domestically and abroad. This team provides a strong, interdisciplinary base for ongoing One Health activities across this network. Interest in One Health is Widespread: Worldwide 65 academic institutions have some sort of a One Health program with 14 (22%) having a One Health certificate, masters or PhD program Additionally, 68 nonacademic organizations have a One Health program. ...  See complete website