Similar action by medical students needed worldwide!   Medical students taking action on AMR European Public Health Alliance Another successful initiative aimed to raise the awareness and promote One Health was launched by the World Health Students Alliance. Together ... “... Blanca Paniello and Vicky Kastner International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is threatening the effectiveness of our medications minute by minute. The European Commission states that approximately 33,000 deaths per year in Europe are due to AMR. This situation is set to worsen, reaching an estimated number of 10 million deaths worldwide in 2050 compared to 8.2 million deaths from cancer. Do we need more evidence? No! what’ is needed now is action to tackle this unsustainable crisis. This crucial goal can only be achieved if we consider the One Health concept, as a holistic approach underlying all other policies to tackle drug-resistant infections. As the medical professionals of the future, we medical students must reinvent and enhance what is already established as we will face the consequences if nothing is done to tackle AMR now.  One way to contribute to AMR control is to raise awareness, spread the word and educate people about this topic. ...”