July 23, 2019 FOURTH ANNUAL GLOBAL “ONE HEALTH DAY” - NOVEMBER 3, 2019 ARE YOU PLANNING YOUR EVENT? Since 2016, three leading international One Health groups, the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team, and the One Health Platform Foundation, have partnered in leading global “One Health Day”. Officially celebrated on November 3, individuals and groups from around the world, from academic to corporate to non-profit, students to established professionals, take the opportunity to implement One Health projects and special events under the auspices of “One Health Day.” Highlighting the benefits of a One Health transdisciplinary approach towards solving today’s critical animal, human and ecological health challenges, projects focus on worldwide public health issues such as antimicrobial resistance, emerging /reemerging zoonotic infectious diseases, comparative medicine and research and the inextricable interactions between animal, environmental and human health. ... For complete information see: