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18th November Antibiotics awareness day Bella Moss Foundation supports department of health PRESS RELEASE


Event     18th November 2012 European Antibiotic Awareness Day


Today is the day we need to think about antibiotics – Do you, your family and friends know when and how they should be used to prevent the spread of infections?


The Bella Moss Foundation (a UK registered charity) is pleased to support the Department of Health’s message on antibiotic awareness day. link to download our poster on responsible use of antibiotics.


The Bella Moss Foundation is the only charity (1122246) Educating, supporting, pet carers and vets on the treatment of resistant bacteria transmitted between humans and animals.


Bella Moss Foundation adopts the One Health Initiative which is a concept of worldwide strategy for expanding communication in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.


Links to look at for European antibiotic Awareness  day: Department of Health Bella Moss Foundation link to download our poster on responsible use of antibiotics supporting European Antibiotic awareness day. 



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Jill Moss lost her dog to MRSA In 2004 and has set up the Bella Moss Foundation which has gone on to support and educate people and their pets around the world. Bella was the first dog to die of the human strain of MRSA. In the fight to save lives we must improve infections control and practice responsible use of antibiotics.  (Jill Moss)


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