Learn more about One Health worldwide from U.S. and international guest commentators…November 10, 2014

1st International Who's Who in One Health Webinar

Notable comments to consider:

Future generations will judge us by how well we – physicians, public health professionals, veterinarians, other health professionals and social science experts – took a One Health approach to solving critical global issues such as climate change and the increase in antimicrobial resistance. Only by doing so now can we hope to protect and ensure the interdependent health of ecosystems and the people, animals and plants that live in them.”

Veterinarian Joann Lindenmayer, DVM, MPH., American Veterinary Medical Association, Biography, One Health Commission Board of Directors Chair.

After witnessing the successive waves of different infections facing our country and our world, a common theme emerges from the MERS Co-V, Salmonella, Entervirus, Flu, MRSA to, of course, Ebola; we as humans are not alone.  What we do with our environment and handling of our animals across the world does somehow affect 'me'.  We are clearly seeing, with outbreaks and epidemics, the overall effects of man's interaction with the world from our management of resources to cultural activities in our communities to our general infection control responses.” 

Physician Albert J. Osbahr, III, MD, One Health Commission Board of Directors Past Chair, American Medical Association, Biography


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NOTE:  Drs. Joann Lindenmayer and Al Osbahr are lonstanging prominent One Health supporter/advocates  Internationally recognized One Health leaders/speakers include physician, Dr. Laura H. Kahn, co-founder of the One Health Initiative team/OHI website and Australian veterinarian, Dr. Martyn Jeggo, a longstanding member of the One Health Initiative team’s Honorary Advisory Board