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Origin of Covid: A Mystery Resolved? – Impakter


This week news came out that a French scientist had “discovered” genetic data from the Wuhan market where wildlife is sold, pointing to a possible “natural spillover” from animals rather than a “lab leak”; what if both theories were correct? Here are the facts

“… The prevailing theory among experts back then was that the virus originated in bats and then had jumped to an intermediate host, possibly a pangolin or another animal, before being transmitted to humans.

This was in line with the One Health concept that is gaining traction worldwide – the notion that we are all part of the same interface and intimately connected – humans, animals and our shared environment – a concept that is gaining traction around the world and that we have often referred to in our articles here.  …”

By *Claude Forthomme, MA – Senior Editor   March 19, 2023 in HealthSociety

* Member One Health Initiative Team Advisory Board