Veterinarians trained in public health are equipped to confront issues such as food  safety and security, emerging zoonoses, bioterrorism and infectious disease ecology. They are our first line of defense for promoting and protecting human health.” —Lonnie King, DVM, MS, MPA, ACVPM

Honoring *Dr. Lonnie King's Legacy

Dr. Lonnie J. KingVisionary. Mentor. Leader. Ohio State’s
College of Veterinary Medicine has flourished under Dr. Lonnie King. And, by advancing the One Health initiative at Ohio State, he helps us strengthen communities around the globe.

The One Health concept makes clear the inextricable link between the health of humans and the health of animals and the environment. Veterinarians are often most qualified to deal with public health issues because animals – pets, livestock, wildlife – are a major source for the pathogens of emerging diseases and foodborne illnesses.

An expert in One Health and zoonotic diseases, Dr. King has successfully advocated for important legislation. He has coordinated unprecedented teaching, research and outreach efforts among Ohio State's seven health sciences colleges.

Dr. King has made it his priority to turn today’s veterinary students into tomorrow’s best trained and educated professionals, prepared to confront society’s health challenges. His commitment to implementing One Health practices is only surpassed by his commitment to students.

Soon, Dr. King will move on from his role as dean. Because the great reach of his accomplishments, we hope to engage your support in honoring his legacy.

You can help us realize Dr. King's vision: a healthy and sustainable world for animals and people. Please consider making a gift to create the Dr. Lonnie King One Health Endowed Scholarship.

Supporting the Dr. Lonnie King One Health Endowed Scholarship

The university’s annual endowment distribution rate is 4.25 percent of a seven-year average of the market value of the portfolio. Projected distributions will fluctuate based on investment performance.For too many students, the opportunity to attend Ohio State depends not on dedication or drive, but on finances.

Students of veterinary medicine face an especially large debt load. Those veterinary students who enhance their education through the Veterinary Public Health specialization within the Master of Public Health program (MPH-VPH) have an average debt of $175,000 at graduation.

Throughout his career as an educator and administrator, Dr. King has always placed students first. It is fitting that any recognition of his success benefits veterinary students. Once fully funded, the Dr. Lonnie King One Health Endowed Scholarship will support students in perpetuity.

In honor of Dr. King’s 30-year career devoted to improving the health of animals and humans, this scholarship will support hardworking students pursuing their MPH-VPH degrees.

You can help improve global health in
animals and people by supporting the next
generation of veterinarians. 
Please consider generously donating to
the Dr. Lonnie King One Health Endowed
Scholarship. A larger endowment means
more support for our students. Click here to give or by phone at 614-688-8433. Thank you!


Left: Veterinary students practice emergency response during their veterinary preventive medicine rotation. Right: Dr. King speaks to students about professional opportunities in global health.


*Dr. King was a leading member of the landmark American Veterinary Medical Association’s One Health Initiative Task Force, past president, American Veterinary Epidemiology Society, and a charter member of the One Health Initiative team’s Advisory Board (Hon.).