In public health circles, One Health is a collaborative approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. A typical One Health intervention includes the prevention of communicable diseases.  For example, One Health collaborations seeking to interrupt transmission of malaria or lime disease would integrate vector management strategies for mosquitoes and ticks (e.g., habitat modification, insecticide use) to reduce illness and death in humans and animals.

A One Health approach can also have a significant role in preventing violence and reducing injury.  The limited studies that exist in this area have focused on how veterinarians could use observations of animal abuse as a sentinel indicator of domestic violence.  Research indicates that addressing the correlation between lack of empathy for animals and interpersonal violence can have broader societal benefits in other domains.  ...”

SEE: A One Health Approach to Preventing Human Trafficking: The Interconnected Health of Humans, Animals, and the Environment | The Administration for Children and Families (