“... The text illuminates two contentious issues at a high level. One is upstream prevention and a One Health approach to prevention, preparedness, and response, which recognizes links between the health of people, animals, and ecosystems. The other commits parties to establishing a new WHO Pathogen Access and Benefits Sharing system (PABS). An accompanying draft resolution, prepared by WHO for adoption at the forthcoming World Health Assembly, proposes creating intergovernmental working groups. Two such groups are tasked with developing new international instruments for One Health and for PABS, with both operational by May 2026. These would provide specific details on the modalities, terms, and operational dimensions of a One Health approach and the PABS system. Both agreements are proposed to be adopted as legally binding treaties, but member states could actively “opt out.” By contrast, the pandemic agreement would require member states to “opt in” to become parties and thus be legally bound. ...”

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