American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) Physicians Endorse One Health


One Health endorsement statement provided to One Health Initiative website by ACPM President, Dr. Halley S. Faust August 18, 2013



“The American College of Preventive Medicine has had a long-standing commitment in support of activities that advance the One Health Initiative; indeed, we spearheaded the successful passage of the One Health AMA resolution in 2007. As preventive medicine physicians with unique training in clinical medicine and public health, we recognize that human and animal medicine are inextricably linked. We are pleased to offer our strong endorsement of the One Health initiative, fostering greater collaboration between human and animal medicine to improve population health. We look forward to our continued engagement in this effort.”


Halley S. Faust, MD, MPH, MA


American College of Preventive Medicine

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Footnote: About ACPM


Founded in 1954, the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is a professional, medical society of more than 2,700 members employed in research, academia, government, clinical settings, and other entities worldwide. ACPM provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of knowledge among preventive medicine specialists, and offers high-quality educational programs for continuing medical education (CME) and maintenance of certification (MOC), information and resources for ongoing professional development, and networking opportunities.

ACPM's Mission

As the leader for the specialty of Preventive Medicine and physicians dedicated to prevention, ACPM improves the health of individuals and populations through evidence-based health promotion, disease prevention, and systems-based approaches to improving health and health care.

Strategic Goals and Organizational Objectives (in brief)

1. Promote the specialty of Preventive Medicine and Preventive Medicine physicians to assure an appropriate supply and demand of properly trained physicians to deliver effective and efficient health and health care.

2. Promote the advancement of scientific knowledge in preventive medicine and establish ACPM as the recognized leader for professional, multi-disciplinary, and public education, collaboration and communication in the areas of preventive medicine and public health.

3. Enhance member value by serving as the primary source for members to meet their professional needs, including but not limited to CME, MOC, MOL, career development and practice tools.

4. Maintain and enhance the institutional stature and credibility of ACPM, professionally, financially, and politically, in order to maximally achieve its mission and goals.