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Denver, Colorado (USA) July 17, 2023: The American Veterinary Epidemiology Society (AVES), founded by 20th and early 21st century apex global public health leader Dr. James H. Steele in 1964, has formally unveiled its name and logo change at the annual American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in order to clarify its overall longstanding underlying expanded mission as being the promotion of the national and international One Health concept/approach.

Dr. John Poppe, AVOHS (formerly AVES) Executive Director said, “The reasoning behind the change was to: Better reflect the AVES mission and vision - our focus and our awards reflect many disciplines that go well beyond veterinary epidemiology.  AVES was the earliest "One Health" organization - well before the term became so prevalent and broadly accepted.  We think [our founder] James Steele would support this change.”  Indeed, Dr. Steele played an iconic passionate intellectual role in the evolutionary history of the One Health movement.

Incoming (and first) AVOHS Board President-Elect, Dr. Karen Becker, having been a close friend to and mentored by Dr. Steele said, “The change from the American Epidemiology Society to the American Veterinary One Health Society reflects consensus among Board Members that One Health encompasses far more than Epidemiology as is demonstrated by the breadth and depth of experts being recognized by and contributing to our mission.  Jim Steele would have fully approved of the name change as a progressive and visionary leader who loved change, especially when it was wholly justified.”

Mission, Vision, and Goal Statements

Adopted July 9, 2023

 AVOHS Vision Statement: The vision of the American Veterinary One Health Society (AVOHS) is to achieve optimal health of animals, people, plants, and the environment through science-based One Health principles.

AVOHS Mission Statement: The mission of the American Veterinary One Health Society (AVOHS) is to promote and advance the health of animals, people, plants, and the environment using a One Health approach.

 AVOHS Goal Statement: The goal of the American Veterinary One Health Society (AVOHS) is to celebrate and honor accomplished leaders in the disciplines of public health, animal health, plant health, environmental health, and all related fields falling under the discipline of One Health.

This new brand image, by definition, recognizes the wide spectrum, all inclusive One Health umbrella of disciplines required for more expeditious and efficacious advancement of global public health and clinical health care research issues:

Notably, on April 22, 2007, Dr. D. A. Henderson, legendary leader of the worldwide smallpox eradication program addressed the One Health Initiative Team

D.A. Henderson, MD, MPH  saying ...

I thank you for your email and congratulate you and your colleagues in promoting the “One Medicine” concept [now called “One Health”]. It is an initiative that is long overdue but, at the same time, I don’t personally identify dramatic solutions that are apt to change the landscape in the short term. I would note that when one has had the good fortune to have enjoyed the tutelage of Jim Steele during my tenure at *CDC and periodically ever since, as a friend, the one medicine concept becomes well engrained. Indeed, when I came to Hopkins as Dean in 1977, I cast about to determine how we might link up with a veterinary school for research and educational purposes. Unfortunately, geography was simply too great a hurdle to overcome.

Bottom line: I would be more than happy to do whatever I could in support of your efforts.


* In 1947, Dr. Steele founded the Veterinary Public Health Division at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  One Health was instituted at CDC in 2009 by prominent AVOHS Board member Lonnie King, DVM, MS, MPA.  Dr. King, then director of CDC’s National Center for Zoonotic, Vectorborne, and Enteric Diseases, proposed the One Health Office. The office was created as a point of contact for external animal health organizations and to maximize external funding opportunities. Since that time, the role of the One Health Office has expanded to include supporting public health research that furthers the One Health concept, facilitating the exchange of data and information among researchers across disciplines and sectors.

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AVOHS Executive Director, Dr. (BG) John Poppe, 206 Springwood Lane, San Antonio, TX 78216; Phone: 210-749-0714; Email:

Editor's Note: The One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team strongly supports and collaborates closely with the American Veterinary One Health Society (AVOHS).