The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) fortifies cooperation behind ASEAN’s new regional strategy to prevent transmission of zoonotic diseases from wildlife to humans and reduce demand for illegal wildlife products.

“... Perhaps most notably, the Strategy serves as a directive tool for AMS and international partners to work together under a One Health approach. Specifically, the Strategy outlines activities to be advanced under nine areas—1) institutional arrangements and activities; 2) multisectoral, One Health coordination, collaboration, and communication; 3) One Health planning and capacity development; 4) surveillance, investigation, risk assessment and research information sharing; 5) public and stakeholder communication, education, and advocacy and behavior change; 6) biodiversity protection, restoration and management; 7) biosecurity and inspections systems enhancements; 8) legal arrangements and wildlife trade law enforcement; and 9) partnership and resource mobilization. This Strategy will be implemented under the leadership of ASOF and the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Animal Health and Zoonosis through 2025 as a living document that will be reviewed and updated annually.  ...”

SEE: ASEAN Strengthens Collective Efforts to Prevent the Spread of Zoonotic Diseases - U.S. Mission to ASEAN (