Avian Flu and the COVID Connection 


“... These are early days in Avian flu vaccine development and availability, and in the future we may look to some of the new technologies, such as mRNA, to provide faster and more easily produced vaccines. 

But the idea of getting ahead of a possible epidemic or pandemic in poultry is one that could cross over to humans. It certainly warrants attention, given what we have experienced and are experiencing with COVID-19.  

And this is only the tip of the iceberg for potential future zoonotic diseases emerging into pandemics equal to or worse than COVID, such as the Nipah virus which has a 40 -75% death rate for humans. Among other interesting developments, Nipah vaccine development programs for a single-dose vaccine are underway. 

But the point is this: The next big one could be right around the corner. 

We need to pay greater attention and resources to the fact that an estimated 60% of known infectious diseases and up to 75% of new or emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic in origin, i.e. diseases transmitted from animals to humans. And the lesson to be drawn is clear:  it is becoming increasingly likely that what works in one species may work in another.”