This week’s selections include progress on PAHPA extension; intranasal COVID-19 vaccines; the unprecedented impact of avian influenza; and PPE product standards for supply chain resilience.

“ ... Bat One Health: Science Solutions to Stop Spillover

Collaboration brings expertise from multiple disciplines to understand pathogen emergence. Bat One Health studies the transmission of zoonotic pathogens—including transmission among reservoir hosts, transmission between host species (spillover), and transmission among humans —to learn the causes of emergence and find sustainable solutions that protect people and the environment. Bat One Health ...”


El Niño Increases Global Health Threats That Require a One Health Response

As the world enters an El Niño cycle made more extreme by climate change, effective responses must be grounded in a “One Health” approach that deals with the interconnections of humans, other animals, and plants and incorporates scientific understanding, technological advancements, and effective public policy. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ...”